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Lady Jesus

Yes, anno, strange blog title. I’m lacking imagination with blog titles at the moment so just naming it after the song I’m listening to. (See credits for band name)

So this outfit was originally based on the outfit I used to wear in work- flat leopard print shoes, black trousers and a black t-shirt. Very boring. Too boring to blog it. I have however kept the black trousers, but I replaced the t-shirt with the racerback vest from !ohmai and added the jacket, which I have had for ages, from &Bean. I’ve used the long version of the jacket without the prims because I hate editing prim jacket attachments. I’m still not sure if I like the shoulder pads, they look better inworld than in the picture. I’m loving these trousers from [W&B], which are actually men’s trousers, but who cares. Men’s clothes look great on ladies. I haven’t bought anything from [W&B], but they have some cute dresses that I might have to go back to.

The shoes I was going to blog originally were flat, blue shoes, but changed them to these heels from Clique because they look heaps better with the straight leg trousers. I’m still wearing the hair from, I’ve been wearing in pretty much all the time since I bought it. I usually tie my hair up like this in rl, which is why I love it.

I rather quite impressed with the background, it’s the first picture that I’ve done using clothing in the background. I got the hangers design from en Svale and the mannequins from another store window, I forget which one. I used Photoshop to put the clothes on the mannequins. I <3 Photoshop.

Okies time for me to open photoshop and start working on the next blog :)

Luv Evie x

Lady JesusCredits:

Hair- ‘Cassie Cynical Block’

Skin- [PF] ‘Raine <Honey> Rust’

Vest- !ohmai ‘Basics Loose Racerback freshbright PK’

Jacket- &Bean ‘Maps \o/’

Pants- [W&B] ‘Boyd Dress Trousers black’ Store full name Whippet & Buck

Shoes- Clique ‘Bella Pumps freebie’

Necklace-  Modovia Fashion Week Ladies Gift ‘Vintage pearls’

Tattoos- Kanival ’83. Moon Night’

Pixie ears- Mystical ‘Mystic Ears: Pixie/ naturals’

Listening to The Asteroids Galaxy Tour ‘Lady Jesus’