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I wanna be a Suicide Girl!

(warning: if you get offended by semi naked avatars don’t look at the pictures!)

Yesterday I applied for a job at Suicide Girls nightclub as a host, and I was asked to go for an interview, but turns out their events are at 7pm slt, which is 3am for me :( I’m gutted. In this blog I’m showing the pictures I took to put in the application. If you’re wondering ‘wtf is a Suicide Girl’, check them out here: Suicide Girls Flickr. SL Suicide Girls are part of the RL Suicide Girls affiliate program. Click that link to see their website. The Suicide Girls are tattooed, pierced and alternative looking girls. They are rebels against the stereotypical catwalk, fashion, pin-up and naked models, showing that not all models have to be skinny and perfect looking.

The club looks amazing, but unfortunately I won’t see what the events are like :( The staff at the club are made up of hosts, dancers, DJ’s, Models and Photographers. To be a model you have to be a host, dancer or DJ.

There aren’t any clothes to blog apart from the bikini bottoms, so I’ll blog the tattoos and piercings instead :D I’m in love with this full body tattoo, it’s gorgeous. and the infected corset piercing bloody hurts but looks awesome :P I do have a stiched up mouth from the same store (Blood & Scars’ but I’m not wearing it in these pictures.

Suicide Girl 1


Hair- ‘Cassie Cynical Black’

Skin- [Rockberry] ‘Character Skin’

Pixie Ears- Mystical ‘Mystic Ears: Pixie/ naturals’

Bikini bottoms- amerie’s Naughty ‘bloodied bikini’

Body Tattoo- KANIVAL TATTOO ’83. Moon Night’

Chest piercing- Blood & Scars ‘Infected Corset Piercing’

Face Piercings- Virus. Co ‘Disfunctional’

Listening to Frankmusic ‘ Confusion Girl’

Evelyn Hartshon


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  1. i loveeee the suicide girls!! i adore the fact that there is a place now that tattooed and body-mod girls get exposure.

    oh and i love SL.

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