As you can see, I’ve changed the layout of my pictures! Now, instead if having to type out what I bought under the pictures, I’ve put them in a style card as part of the picture. You like? Let me know what you prefer! :D This outfit is based on the hair which comes with the hat, from Argrace. I’ve done a casual outfit with this hair too, which I will blog later. This time I wanted a smarter, sexier look, and decided on a black and white theme. The hat is scripted so that you can change the colour of it to pink, white, black, orange, khaki, ivory, natural, brown and grey. Plenty of choice. It’s also resizable which is good.

The shirt, which is part of the ‘Bloody Amaryllis‘ outfit from BareRose, I’ve had for months. It also includes a red corsage to go on the chest, but I have pinned it to the hat instead, just to jazz the hat up. I also wanted to add some colour. The bag is from Bags of Style and is actually the demo version of the ‘Chanel White Cambon Tote’. I don’t use bags when I’m inworld, because they look strange so I just use them for blogs.

Anyhoo, hope you like the new layout :D Let me know what you think!

Evie xoxo

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