OMG I just realised how long it’s been since I last posted a blog! :S Sorry folks! It’s been a mad few days, working in rl plus the usual stress in sl with dj’s etc. I’m still not really inspired for blogs, I haven’t seen anything lately that I think ‘wow I need to blog that’, which is a shame :(

This outfit is mainly about these new Pixie ears I bought yesterday from *~*Illusions*~*, they are lovely. There are various types of ears there, for Pixies, Fairies, Elvin, Drow and Poison. Then there are 3 versions with piercings. I have the Pixie ears with the Mystic earrings :) You can change the colours to match your skin too. I’ll deffo be wearing them for a while! :D

The dress is from one of my favourite shops, !Doux Petit Dahl which I have had for a while and I never really wear. I just find it frustrating when the av’s ass comes through the skirt! lol

Anyway enough from me! xx


Elf 1



Hair- fri.day ‘Cassie- Cynical Black’

Skin- [PF] ‘Raine Toffee <Honey> Rust’

Dress- !Doux Petit Dahl ‘Boho dress Multi’

Ears- *~*Illusions*~* ‘*~* Mystic ears Pixie/ naturals’

Poses by Kia and KS Creations


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  1. Evie says:

    Thank you :) I mostly use second life to have fun but I also have a job in second life too, I work as a club manager and a dj. Doing the blog is like a hobby :D So are you going to join sl then? Hehe

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