I’ve been feeling very uninspired lately, and I’ve been so tired I haven’t had the energy to do anything! I had to DJ at Lush! Nightclub last Monday and yesterday, so that’s tired me out. Plus working rl :( Having DJ problems at Cafe Andromeda too which adds to the stress. Sometimes I wonder why I work in SL, but if I didn’t work what would I do? Spend my whole time shopping? My partner doesn’t come on much so we don’t do coupley things inworld (or outsideworld cos of tiredness) which I do miss. I see all these SL couples walking around together, dancing together and feel sad, but then I remember that I have him in real life, whereas alot of these people don’t. I just realised I took some pics of Evie and Petro the other day which I haven’t shown you! This is the first time in ages that I’ve taken pictures of them together, it’s always strange seeing them at the same time! lol

Anyways, I’m going to snooze on the sofa me thinks, so see you later!

evie& petro2

Evie& petro