Second Life

Home Sweet Home!

I just got myself a wicked home! I’m renting a plot at the Tribe Islands Rental place on the Coconut Caye sim. It’s a really pretty island with beach houses. My house is pretty much slap bang in the middle. It’s not a pretty beach house… it’s a run down, dark, grungy house with neko style furniture, a hammock with blood on, garbage cans, a washing line and other bits and pieces.

I was originally looking for a sim that was grungy, neko style, and I really wanted to rent a trailer at Missing Mile, but there’s a waiting list. So I bought the house from there (which is mod and copy) :D The other furniture are from random places, the sofa and arm chair that are inside the house are from {Kari}, the easel and paint are from -RC- Cluster, the bed and makeup table are from *DP, the armchair, hammock and paddling pool are from {Soap} (Missing Mile) and the rest from different places. I love the usagi chair from *kurotsubaki*! It’s so cute! I’m in love with my house. I know the palm trees look a bit odd but I had to put them there to make it fit in a little bit with the theme of the sim. lol

The are a few other plots to rent here, but they are going quick! I pay L$3990 per month for 366 prims and the plot is 1600 Square Metres. Nice view too :P




3990l month
3618 buy