Lyliana @ Missing Mile

Good afternoon! I decided to take some pics of Lyli today instead of Evie, cos at the moment she’s more exciting :P lol I did originally take pics of her with white background like usual pics I take. I did think about adding a background but it would be way too much hassle cutting around her tail in photoshop so I took her back down to Missing Mile and got some photos of her inworld! I’ve got few things to show you today, from Zenith, [Sassy Kitty Designs], Dutch Touch, [JP] and {soap). Most of the items I’ve had for ages, the only recent new item is the shirt from Zenith and the ‘Dirty Wings’ from {soap) . I first bought the red version for Evie, but thought it’d look perfect on Lyli :D It’s her style! As you can see, Lyli loves her accessories, so beware, the list of credits will be long!

lyli @ missing mile

lyli @ missing mile2


Hair- *Action ‘Womens Hair Amy- Dark Pack1’

Skin- MMSZero ‘Umber- makeup1’

Tats- Inks & kinks ‘Cat Trax Body paint’

Shirt- Zenith ‘checker2 brown(girly)’

Undershirt- [JP] ‘Emo- angel’

Pants- [Sassy kitty Designs] ‘Sassy Shorts Black denim low’

Boots- [JP] ‘Cannibal- Cat/ Boots/ black’

Socks- Dutch Touch ‘(Lucky Chair) ‘toeless socks pack’

Wings- {soap) ‘Dirty Wings’

Thigh- ‘mini Arsonist’

Gloves- Hybrid ‘Paw Pad gloves’

Kittens (mouth and belt)- *M* ‘mischief kitten americanshorthair’

Ears- [JP] ‘Cannibal- Cat/ neko ears/ black’

Tail- [JP] ‘Cannibal- Cat/ tail black’