Change of plan…

I’ve been a bit to busy in sl to do my fashion blog lately, and tbh it’s getting a bit boring! Sooo I’ve decided to blog other stuff too, like what I do in SL (other than shopping), parties we have at Cafe Andromeda, or just my sl life in general. I’ve got my alt, Lyli so I might do some blogs with her. Here’s a pic for ya of her that I took today, before I got told off by some mardy bitch for sitting on her friends chair :P lol Her friend (owner of the chair) was fine about it. This was at a roleplay sim, full of wierdos, trespassers etc so what does she expect?! lol The chair was outside her trailer in a public trailer park so not like I was trespassing! Anyways I got heaps of picks of Lyli which I will probably put on Flickr.


That’s her new lil kitty called Kaita :) Isn’t she cute?! :) I like having an alt because it means I can get away from spam notices from club groups, get away from the hasstle of hiring staff and do thinks that I don’t do as Evie because I don’t have time when I’m on as her! Not dodgy stuff, I don’t do roleplay, I just go exploring and things. the sim I was at today is called Missing Mile, a grungy place with wierd people :)

Anyways, I have to go get ready for my DJ shift at Lush! Nightclub tonight (as Evie), so I’ll be back later or tomorrow.