If you haven’t heard of where have you been?! It’s a new store that opened on the 7th August and sells clothes, hair, shoes and furniture. I think it’s going to be a really popular store in SL. At the moment they only sell basics in the clothing ranges- jeans, hoodies, tank tops etc, but they are planning more ranges, plus accessories and poses! I can’t wait!! The hair is OMG amazing! There aren’t many styles yet but the ones that are there are really nice! I bought a couple more styles which you will probably see in a future blog :) You can see a preview of their products on their blog here. I’m showing you this top, which comes with an up hood and a down hood, plus attachment sleeves. It can be worn on it’s own without the hood and it’s available in heaps of different colours. The hair is also from and comes with the hood, which matches the top but sold separately. The hair/ top is called ‘Tabs- Browns’ and I’m showing the ‘Cranky Brown’ version, the top is called ‘Henley Hoodie‘ and Evie I chose it in the Red version. All the clothing at come with a style card to go with the item! It shows examples of how you can wear them :) It’s a great idea!

I’ve teamed the top with these lush pants from :sey called ‘Soft Jeans [A]’ and the ‘Street Sneakers‘ from [Somapop]. The outfit is a bit tomboyish so I added this necklace from .+*AA*+. which makes it a bit more feminine. I bought the skin from [Pink Fuel] and it’s from the Honey range like the ones I blogged in the last post. I wanted skins with red lips rather than pale, to go with the top! lol. I love the [Pink Fuel] skins so I had to go back!

friits fri.dayCredits:

Hair- ‘Tabs- Browns’ ‘Cranky Brown’

Skin- [Pink Fuel] ‘Raine <Honey> Crush dk brow/ freck’

Top- ‘Henley Hoodie (Red)

Pants- :sey ‘Soft jeans [A]’

Shoes- [SP] ‘Street Sneaker’

Necklace- .+*AA*+. ‘Layered necklace *white2’

Poses by Penny Dreadful Arcade