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Dolly Tears & Rust

There are 5 skin tones in the new skins range at [Pink Fuel]. Cream is for those peeps that like really pale skin, then they get darker-Almond‘, ‘Honey‘, ‘Chai andToffee. Each range has 4 sets, ‘The Colours’, ‘The Smoldering‘, ‘The Reds‘ and ‘The Tears‘ (which can be bought in Fatpacks for L$2800, or in single packs for L$750). There are 5 makeup packs in each set, and in each of the separate packs there are 4 options, two dark eyebrows with & without freckles, and two light eyebrows with & without freckles. Jeez isn’t that confusing! If you don’t understand just go down to the store!

I’m showing you two packs, the Honey skin range, and the packs ‘Rust‘ and  ‘Dolly Tears (red)‘. I instantly went to the Honey range cos it’s the skin tone I liked best and suited my avie the best. It was so hard to choose which pack I wanted though! I deffo recommend you go down and have a look at them!

Raine RustRaine HoneyCredits:

Pic 1

Hair- =TekuTeku= ‘Freebie Hair 2’

Skin- [Pink Fuel] ‘Raine <Honey> Rust dk brow, dk brow freck, lt brow, lt brow freck’

Pants- Cat’s Eye ‘undies flowers’

Pic 2

Hair- B Spot ‘Anne Hair’ (Hair Fair)

Skin- [Pink Fuel] ‘Raine <Honey> Dolly Tears Red dk brow, dk brow freck, lt brow, lt brow freck’

Pants- cat’s Eye ‘undies flowers’