Beetle Bones

I was actually planning to blog Pink Fuels new skins today, but I’ve ended up blogging the outfit instead! I promise I’ll do the skins for the next blog! I decided to put an outfit together, 3 different pieces from 3 different stores. The top is part of a dress from *[DIAPOP]* that Dianne gave me, the pants are from Beetle Bones and the shoes are from Kookie. I came across the Beetle Bones store when I went to !ohmai. It doesn’t have much in there, a few tops, dresses and pants, plus some cute bags. The hair is another new item that I bought, it’s from !lamb and is called ‘Breeze Choc Bars Pack’. It’s perfect for blogging, but it’s not really suitable to wear inworld because it’s so stiff. I prefer flexy hair, like the one in my last blog but it’s a pain in the arse if I want to put a background behind the av! I am wearing one of the skins from Pink Fuel, it’s the ‘Raine <Honey> Rust’ one. There are plenty of skins to choose from, and each comes with two eyeshadow shades and freckle versions :)

Beetle BoneBeetle Bones


Hair- !lamb ‘Breeze  Choc Bars Pack’

Skin- Pink Fuel ‘Raine <Honey> Rust’

Top- *[DIAPOP]* ‘go! dress’

Pants- Beetle Bones ‘Jasmine Highwaisted Pants’

Shoes- Kookie ‘Powder Puff Cloud’

Poses from [Golden Delish]