**en Svale**

I gave you a sneaky read of some of the things I’ve got lined up to show you in the last post, one of which is the ‘Basics Loose Racerback‘ from !ohmai. I also want to show you these pants from **en Svale**, which I discovered via Dianne from Diapop, which I love! They look dead comfy and warm, they are high wasted and have buttons at the bottom. They come in 4 colours- black, light gray, gray and pink beije. Dianne was wearing them with a pair of shorts from the same store, but I decided to add the skirt instead. The shoes are a group gift from Tyranny and have the funniest name… ‘Grandma’s House Shoes‘! lol They are cute even if they are Granny shoes!

I find one of the best pastimes in SL, when I’m not shopping or working, is av watching. I know it’s a bit lame copying things other people wear, but if I add them to different outfits it’s fine.. isn’t it?! lol The button eyes are an example. I saw a girl yesterday wearing them, and I’d never seen anything like them in sl. They are from a strange store called Kunstkammer, and it’s one of the old group gifts. They are a bit doll like.

Anyways gotta go get ready for sl work. I got a hostess & dj job at Pantha’s new club called Lush! It’s a cool new strip club! I’ll post the slurl in my slurl roll later :)

en svale

en svale2Credits:

Hair- *Shop Seu* ‘kurukuru hair’

Skin- Detour ‘Kelly skins’

Vest- !ohmai ‘Basics Loose Racerback Royal Highness PK’

Skirt- “anuenue ‘SweetSkirts (gray)

Pants- **en Svale** ‘Knit Pants (Light Gray)

Shoes- Tyranny Designs ‘ Grandma’s House Shoes’ Group Gift

Eyes- kunstkammer ‘Button Eyes’ Group Gift

Poses- Leafy & Sunflower