Second Life

Girly Skulls

Hii, I was meant to post this entry last night but we had a party at Cafe Andromeda so I didn’t get a chance to do it, so I’m posting it now :) I’ve got two new things to show you today, the first is this hair that I bought yesterday from a Japanese shop called *Shop Seu*. In my opinion some of the best hair in SL is designed by Japanese creators. Stores such as =Hal*Hina= and sWEET HAIRs are two of my faves. This hair is called ‘Kurukuru’ and is available in blonde, brown and black, and each have 3 versions, one has the full fringe and the others have side fringes.

The second item I want you to see is one of the new tops from Somapop, it’s called ‘b-top skulls’ and I was sent the blue and grey colours (not sure if there are others) from Soma. The thing I love about these tops is that they look very girly and sexy, but are a bit punky because the band underneath the breast has subtle images of skulls. I also love the shadow details above and below the band.

I’ve got some things lined up for the next few blogs, more items from Somapop, the new t-shirt range from Boom, some vests from !ohmai and some high waist shorts from Beetle Bones :) YAY!



Hair: *Shop Seu* ‘Kurukuru hair long- brown’

Top- [SP] ‘b-top skulls blue’, ‘b-top skulls grey’

Pants- miel ‘Mo pocket pants- coal’

Shoes- [ON] ‘petanko cross camel’

Mouth- *mocorin* ‘Robokun gum’

Ring- JCNY ‘First Romance Wedding ring’

Bracelet- Amberdragon Realm ‘Bracelets Set 2’

Poses by Torrid, Leafy,  Vago