081. Slice of Summer Hunt Entry #3

Hii! I’ve come back to you tonight with a non Watermelon theme! I chose the outfit from Tyranny Designs to show you this time. Evie only wears part of this outfit, it also has some skins and underwear that I decided not to include. I’m also showing you one of the skins from Aimesi in the Sun shade (it comes in 3 shades) and the hair from +yuzukmaiya+. The outfit is called ‘The Nerd F*cker W/umbra skin’, and since the top has crayons (or looks like crayons) in the pockets, I thought it would be fitting to add the bag from [Atomic] which also has pens, crayons and a sketchbook :)

I’m loving this look, especially the eyes. They look dark and sexy and a bit mysterious. Thank you Poetic Colours for giving me these eyes! lol

Hope you’re liking my Slice of Summer blog entries!

Slice of Summer 3!

Slice of Summer 3


Hair- +yuzukmaiya+ ‘ tsuyoshi + Bordeaux’

Eyes- Poetic Colours ‘Summer Star Eyes- Slice of Summer’

Skin- Aimesi ‘Aimesi Skin- Slice of Summer Sun’

Clothing & Necklace- Tyranny Designs ‘The Nerd F*cker W/umbra skin’

Bracelets- Ibizarre ‘Bracelets (gold/brown)’ (Not part of hunt)

Bag- [Atomic] ‘Canvas Art Tote’ (Not part of hunt)