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080. Slice of Summer Hunt Entry #2

Here’s my second installment of my Slice of Summer blog entries! I finally finished the hunt today 🙂 woot! I did use the hints a couple of times for the hard ones, but most I did on my own. Since the whole theme of the hunt is watermelons, I decided I’d dress Evie up as a watermelon!

She wears the dress from Elsie Shop, the hat from :Risusipo Shop:: (which comes with a Chipmunk Cannon and a Pink Otter!) and the shoes are from the [Sassy Kitty Designs] outfit. The hut, which is called ‘K’s Japanese Old Shop’ is part of the prize from “K’s House & K’s+M Shop’. The prize also includes the ‘Eat The Watermelon Chair’ (which is a table with sitting poses on) and the ‘SUIKA Red Box‘, which has the watermelons inside. The watermelons on the ground are the boxes that some of the prizes came in.




Hair- +yuzukmaiya+ ‘Tsuyoshi + Bordeaux’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan A Natural’ (Not part of hunt- lucky chair freebie)

Dress- Elsie Shop ‘Watermelon #068’

Shoes- [Sassy Kitty Designs] ‘Summer heels pink base’

Hat- :Risusipo shop:: ‘Slice of Summer’

Mouth- A&M ‘Watermelon Baby Outfit’

Hand- “K’s House + K’s+ M shop Part of ‘SUIKA House’ set

Necklace- Candy nail ‘# FA Watermelon Necklace’

Earrings- Cutie Honey ‘Watermelon Special Gift’


K’s House + K’s+ M Shop ‘SUIKA House’- K’s Japanese Old Shop, Eat the Watermelon Chair, SUIKA Red Box.

Loose Melons- Gift boxes from other stores