079. Slice of Summer Hunt Entry #1

Some of you might have seen signs around the grid for the Slice of Summer hunt, it’s being run by the same people as the Bunny Hop one back at Easter time. For those that have only just starting looking at my blog, I was obsessed with the Bunny Hop hunt. I was frustrated, excited and I cursed alot when I couldn’t find the eggs!! So I’ve started doing this new hunt and I’ve reached watermelon number 63 out of 116 so I’m doing ok so far! Most of the shops in this hunt did the Bunny Hop one too. Dahlia from !Doux Petit Dahl told me she hadn’t been asked to take part in the hunt which I was sad about because I love her shop. Luckily she has one at her new mainstore so I was happy about that!

I’ve got some wicked freebies from the hunt so far, plus the odd shitty one (I’ll name no names!) so I’m showing you some of the good ones. Another reason I’ve done these pictures is because Linden Labs have asked Cutey Magic (founder of the hunts) to give them some pictures from the hunt. She sent a notice via the group asking people to email her our pictures.. so here are mine!

The Watermelon Pavilion was the prize from The Seahole, who always give amazing prizes. It’s stunning! It has a huge tree in the center with a hanging bench which you can see in the pictures. The basket with balloons is from Concrete Flowers called ‘Ballony Basket‘ and is great fun when you fly around in it! I lost Evie at one point, it was so funny! Evie’s outfit is from PIDIDDLE and the headband, butterfly wings attached to head and the choker are all from RuRu. Eira hasn’t done any of the hunt so she wears clothes that are bought not free, her vest is from &bean, the shorts from MIU and her boots from Kookie.

I have 4 pictures to show you, hope you like them. Personally I love them, bright colours always make me happy!

Watermelon Hunt Picture 1

Watermelon Hunt Picture 2

Watermelon Hunt Picture 3

Watermelon Hunt Picture 4



Hair- W&Y ‘Bunny Hop Gift’

Skin- !DPD ‘Rocka [tone 2- subtle lips]

Top & pants- PIDIDDLE ‘Slice of Summer Hunt Gift’

Shoes- Miel ‘Ant Flats- Brown Derby’

Accessories- RuRu ‘ Watermelon #002 Ruru @ Pino

Basket- Concrete Flowers ‘balloony basket’

Set- The Seahole ‘Watermelon Pavillion’


Hair- ((JUNWAVE)) ‘CoolWolf Hair- Black’

Skin- (Milk Motion) ‘NINON Skin basic’

Top- &bean ‘Reckoner tank peach’

Pants- MIU ‘All in one vintage’

Shoes- Kookie ‘Muggy Cupcake freebie’