076. Doesn’t look like a Fawn to me…

This dress is the new This Is A Fawn update group gift. OMGWTF Barbecue (the owner) is changing from a subscribe-o-matic to a hippo group (what’s the difference?) and it’s only available until the end of today! So go get it! It’s called ‘Hax Dress‘ and it’s gorgeous. I moved the skirt down a little, it’s meant to sit right under the breasts so that it looks more like a top, and I wanted it to look like a dress. I had gone to Vanity Hair and bought a really cool style, but when I put it on it didn’t fit right, and so when I went to stretch it, parts of it came through her face! It didn’t have re-size script it (I think ALL hair should have the script in) so eventually I swore at it then gave up! lol. I changed my shape again, now I’m wearing the freebie shape from *Leafy, it has shorter legs and bigger tits (but not huge). I bought some shapes from Alady, and the one I like has massive tits so I sent the shape to the owner, who hopefully is adjusting it for me. She better be, cos me L$200! I regretted sending it after cos I found this shape! :( Never mind. The skin was also a freebie on the lucky chairs at [Rockberry]. The hair is one of the Model hair styles from ::69::, it comes with lying down poses, but I think it makes great windswept hair. That’s all for now!

this is a fawn 2this is a fawn1


Hair- ::69:: ‘Model Hair02- light brown’

Skin- [Rockberry] ‘Megan A tan’

Shape- *Leafy ‘Eva’

Lashes- Cake ‘Deko Lashes’ (photoshopped a little to make them look fuller)

Dress- This Is A Fawn ‘Update Group- Hax Dress’

Leggings- oyakin*gift ‘Summer Leggings- light blue’

Shoes- Maitreya ‘Verve Pumps lavendar blush’

Poses- Sunflower Poses and [GD]