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075. Candy Rots Your Teeth!!

That’s what my mum used to tell me & it is true.. but hell candy tastes so darn good! lol. Let’s rebel against mothers and indulge in sticky toffees, fizzy drinks, cupcakes and crisps! Ok, so there are 2 reason why I wanted to do this for todays blog, first reason- I ❤ Candy, Second reason- SL Pixel Food Fetish Group . I saw the ice cream in one of the pictures in the Pixel Food group and I was like OH.MY.GOD! It’s like amazing! Imagine trying to eat that RL! lol. All the food featured in this blog are freebies from Fashion Mode Mall, Drowsy, RC Cluster, Chabinns, Ducknipple and IZUMIYA 🙂 You can find all the Slurls in my Fashion Slurls Roll down the right of my blog 😀 Ohh I got a new shape! WOOT. I was bored with my face so wanted something now, cute and girly, you can really see it in these pics cos I have food in my mouth. It’s from Alady Bodies and it’s only the demo version. For some reason the demo doesn’t have huge hands or feet like loads of demo shapes come with. So I’m using the demo shape lol. The only drawback is that it’s no mod and the tits are tiny, so I might eventually buy the normal one if it’s cheap and mod 😀 Right so anyways, the catsuit is from LeLutka and it’s a group gift. The outfit comes with attachments for the arms, chest and legs, but I’m not wearing them so that those parts of my body are free for other attachments. That’s all for today, I’m off to scoff some cookies 🙂

Candy Rots Your Teeth!! Big Pic

Candy Rots Your Teeth!!


Hair- W&Y ’14 pack C’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan Bunny Hop natural FRX’

Shape- Alady ‘ AladyV9NadiaShapeLegs5’

Catsuit- LeLutka ‘ CAI suit’ (Group Gift)

Shoes- {Cherry} ‘The Alice Cullen Flats- light Pink’

Neck/ Mouth/ Ears- =IZUMIYA= ‘Candy Accessories Set’

Head- !DPD ‘Boobie Prize? or not?lol’

Curly Wurly (mouth)- Ducknipple

Pizza/ drink cartons/ cupcake/ sushi- Fashion Mode

Teapot set/ Lemon slices/ Cookies- RC Cluster ‘Tea Party Tea and Goodies’ (Hidden freebies @ Cluster b-day party)

Icecream- Drowsy ‘special ice cream/mix’

Chips (in arms)- Chabinns ‘[Duck beak-chips-No,002’

Strawberries- A&M ‘Strawberry Kiss’ (group gift)

Poses by Torrid, (=CF=), Sunflower