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074. Fa!th & Harem

As promised, Dianne from [DIAPOP] sent me a box full of her latest goodies just for you to see! I’ve chosen two of my favourite pieces from the box to show you today, the Fa!th tank and the Harem trouser skirt. The Harem trouser skirt is available in brown and black, I opted from brown because it looks better with the tank.

I wanted a cute little flower hair accessory to go with the outfit and I saw a nice one in one of the Fab Free blogs, so I tp’d to the place where it said the accessory was from. I ended up at Enegy Green Island and got so confused because I couldn’t see anywhere that had freebies! I saw two of the dancers from Cafe Andromeda, so I went over to say hi and ask if they knew where they were. Neither Pyon or umino knew where they were so I cammed around the sim trying to find the freebies. I eventually found a hut full of random Japanese freebies so I flew over to it but when I tried buying them a message in Japanese appeared (I don’t understand Japanese) and I was like wtf! So I opened my browser and read the instructions that Farah Palmer had posted on the blog. Apparently there is a task to do to get the freebies (that annoyed me). I had to charge up a hud by doing energy saving tasks. I won’t bother explaining about it cos you can read it all here. The freebies looked so good I though I might as well do it since I had nothing else to do. The hair accessory in the picture is actually a corsage which I decided to put in my hair instead so that you can see the top better.

Don’t get me started on the shoes! They were a total pain in the arse. They are beautiful, but the invisible feet were so awful. When I attached the shoes, the invisible feet were so big that there was a huge gap between my feet and legs! I had to fiddle with them to get them right. The look ok now unless you cam right up to them and look up, you can see a gap. I then had the problem of getting the colour of feet to match my skin colour. If you want cute shoes for a blog, get these, but if you want it for going out and about around sl don’t bother, unless you have the patience to fiddle with them to get the right. Oh this really only matters if you wear a skirt with them, with jeans or trousers they are fine 🙂

Fa!th & HaremCredits:

Hair- STUFF ‘Brooke Brunette’

Top- [DIAPOP] ‘Fa!th tank 1’

Pants/Skirt- [DIAPOP] ‘Harem Trouser Skirt- Brown’

Shoes- B& G ‘Woman Shoe Melody- Camel’

Corsage (in hair)- Energy Green Island ‘Flower one piece’ Made by Sister Strawberry