073. Yay! New stuff @ Somapop!!

I’ve got some new clothes from Somapop to show you! Soma sent me a box full of jeans, tops and some wrist cuffs, so I’m showing you 3 pairs of jeans and 3 tops :) I’ve also added the belt, wrist band and sneakers that are also from Somapop. Everything is available at the store now, so make sure you go and have a look! Each pair of jeans come with the cuffs too which make them a bit funkier. The bleached black ones are definitely my favourite out of all of them.

Hopefully Dianne from Diapop is putting a box together for me with some of her new stuff so when I get them I’ll do a blog for them! YAY

New @ Soma

Soma backCredits:

Outfit 1

Hair- Argrace ‘Baseball Cap- Relaxed Ponytails- black’

Top- [SP] ‘white tank’

Jeans- [SP] ‘RNR jeans bleached’

Belt- [SP] ‘Multibelt’

Sneakers- [SP] ‘BW- X retro sneakers’

Scalf- Muu Workshop- ‘Bandanna’

Wrist band- [SP] ‘bandada wristband black’

Tattoos- Attitude ‘Slinked’

Outfit 2

Hair- Argrace ‘Baseball Cap- Relaxed Ponytails- black’

Top- Knot top Pink’

Jeans ‘RNR jeans ripped’

Sneakers- [SP] ‘BW-X retro sneakers’

Tattoos- Attitude ‘Slinked’

Outfit 3

Hair- Argrace ‘Baseball Cap- Relaxed Ponytails-black’

Top- [SP] ‘Vest with shirt’

Pants- [SP] ‘RNR jeans bleached black’

Scalf- Muu Workshop ‘Bandanna’

Belt- [SP] ‘Multibelt’

Wrist- [SP] ‘bandana wristband black’