071. Elven Warrior

Yesterday I was exploring into the depths of my inventory and found this outfit from !*Rebel-X-*! that I have had for ages, another one of my outfits that I’ve never really worn. I haven’t been to the store since I bought this outfit so I’ve just had to tp down there to see if it’s still there. I’ve landed at a place called Osaka, a cute girly shopping sim which I don’t remember. I’ll have to have a look round sometime.

I was trying to come up with ideas for the outfit, first it was going to be another Neko kitty blog but that’s boring, then it was going to be a castaway/ stranded on desert island sort of thing, but I changed my mind again. Then I saw some people wearing really cool bow and arrow sets, and decided I’d do a Elven Warrior like thing. So I got the bow and arrows from Stone Keep and went to the stunning Elven Forest sim that I found in the SL Search. I took the pictures on the Jaded Wings sim, which is part of the Elven Forest. To get to the place where I took the pictures, you have to tp into the sky. There’s a pose ball called ‘.the sky so high.’ next too one of the pillars, which you have to click to go up. You arrive right at the top on a tall tower and it is absolutely AMAZING if you set your environment settings to midnight!! I did alot of fiddling with the environment settings (which you can see in some of the pictures I took at the sim which will be in my flickr photostream), but if you set it to the default midnight setting it looks amazing too.

Elven Warrior

Elven Warrior1

Elven Warrior 2


Hair- Magika ‘Panda- Maroon’

Ears- Elven Forest ‘Elven Ears’ (Freebies- not visible due to size of hair!! )

Top, skirt, belt & leg strap- !*Rebel-X-*! ‘SURVIVOR Set’

Leg Strap- IrEn ‘Sling shop’

Arm straps- Nekki ‘Mesh Upper Armbands’

Bow & Arrow- *)<SF>( ‘Short Bow (V1.0)


5 thoughts on “071. Elven Warrior

  1. Dudda Susa says:

    Hey Evelyn,

    great blog – nice pictures :-) love this moon to cuddle on the picture – where is it from?

    huggies and thanks for adding ;) added you also – see you on the hunt


  2. Evie says:

    I don’t know where to buy the moon from, but to pose on it it’s at the Elven Forest, the slurl is down on the right in my slurls list. I’ll go back and check where it’s from and let you know :)

  3. Voy Sands says:

    The moon is from Studio Sidhe and is called Goddess Moon …

    … and thanks for the Links to Elven Forest and Jaded Wings … lovely photos you did there :)

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