070. The Final Party

Today is a sad day, it’s the closing of one of my favourite clubs in SL, *~*Pantha’s*~*, formally known as Footloose. The club is owned by Pantha Varriale, an awesome crazy (alcoholic) brit! I met Pantha through Jenny Robledo when Atrium closed. Jenny introduced me to Pantha, who offered me a job there as host. I didn’t get to know Pantha very well when I started working with her, but as time went on I became good friends with her, and now consider her one of my closest friends in sl.

First off, here’s a picture of some of the staff from Pantha’s.

staffpiccy fullmod

L-R, Cox Constantine, Evelyn Hartshon, Miranda Vaher, Nicke Twine, LauraBeth Fromund, Rolle Telling, Pantha Varriale, Eth Tedeschi, Calisa Devin.. just some of the awesome staff!

The other staff that aren’t in the picture are Syvani Nikolaidis, Hooch Shippe, Melanie Effingham, Ralph Potter AKA DJ Flex, Bert Gina, Rapid Denja, Gazza Shabazz, VikiRose Ansar, Arc Xaris and Endija Sella. They are the best staff & friends you could wish for!! Endija sums up the club in one sentence.. ‘I loved Pan because if there wasn’t her I wouldn’t have the fun at the club and the job‘. The reason why Pantha’s was so awesome…was because Pantha owned it, she’s one hell of an awesome lady!! LauraBeth told me ‘I loved meeting everyone and loved working with everyone, I have such a fab time, and well, where could I be cheeky and not get yelled at but can make ppl laugh’.

Rolle told me that ‘The first thing that Pantha said to her was that she never shuts up, and wow that’s true’ and Rapid said that ‘Panthas makes me feel all warm in my pants, oh.. and so does the club’. I have to agree with Rolle, Pantha definately loves to talk and Rapid.. well, I don’t think we need to know what Pantha does to your pants!! :P Lol

I must not forget the VIP’s, without them the club wouldn’t have been so awesome! I’d be here forever if I mentioned everyone so here are just a few of them- Fruiti Maruti, Iceron Jigsaw, Maddison Marksman, Zyita Savira, Bonnie Baar, Valhalla Fall, Kev Banufong, Kanara Flatley, ArielUK Constantine, Staceyloo Rayna, Morganna Skytower, Jimbo Mosely, Eve Stratten, diver Jigsaw, tobi Banufong, Hornblower Holmer, Lily Whetmore, Porthmeor Harbour, Sigarni Hawker, Kiss Carver and sooo many more!!

The club has been described as  ‘The Best Lickel Club there was ever in SL ! ‘ by Toshiba Guardian, ‘A place to get rich, find new friends and have fun’ by Endija Sella, ‘ The place where I met my true friends that is here in good and bad’ by Rolle, Melanie Effingham said ‘Pantha’s — Home of music, love, & pasties!’ and the best description of all, ‘happy happy joy joy ‘ from Celestae Marialla! I think ‘happy happy joy joy’ is a description everyone can agree with!

My favourite quote is from jimbo Mosely who said ‘ Footloose/ Pantha’s brought out the cross dresser in me, and for that I will always be ungrateful. Apart from that everything else was fucking great, will miss the place and everyone who work and hung out there, and all the stupid stuff that happened, all except for Kevs winking elephant trunk g string.’ Brilliant quote but now I have a horrible image of Kev in a G- string! Not nice! I’m only joking.

I have one quote left to share with you, and it’s from Pantha. I asked her if there was anything she’d like to add to the blog and she said ‘erm not right now am well fucked lmaooo’, she then said ‘It’s been fantastic, the people the place – final words – not right now am well fucked’. Fair play though, it is 4.46 pm slt (that’s 00.46 am UK time!) so it doesn’t surprise me!

The party tonight was awesome, loads of people and everyone had a great time (I hope!) Brilliant music, stunning scenery, gorgeous beach and truly amazing people.

Here are some pictures from the party today, you will be able to see more on my Flickr page when I upload them. (The sky and water have been edited using the environment settings inworld)









I’d like to say three more things before I end the blog,

Pantha- I am honoured to have worked with you at your club. You have been the only ‘boss’ that I have worked for that I actually consider to be a proper friend (and in a weird way an SL not official mum) lol. Good luck for the future, whether you decide to re- open the club or not. If you do, I’ll come back and be a host for you if you’d like me too :P Oh and also, hope you and Zeb stay together this time!! Congrats to you both and wish you all the happiness in the huge big world :D Love ya babes

To the staff @ Pantha’s- I’ve not known you all for a long time, but in the time that I have worked with you it has been awesome. I would especially like to thank Nicke for being my amazing host when I’ve been DJing on Thursdays. Your an awesome girl and gutted that we won’t be working together anymore :(

And finally to the VIP’s- Thank you for all your support over the however long the club has been open. Pantha’s wouldn’t be the same without you!

Thank you for reading this & hope you didn’t cry like I did just now lol

Love to all,

Evie x


4 thoughts on “070. The Final Party

  1. vikirose says:

    As both a VIP and a Host at Pantha’s, I would like to say Thanks for a great way to remember a fab club. I will miss the club SO much.

  2. Evie says:

    Your welcome Viki. I wanted to do something not only to share how I feel about the club & Pantha, but to share how everyone else felt about it (well the ones that told me lol) Hope everyone liked the post :)

  3. Nicke Twine says:

    OOO I will miss that place and all you people there..
    Thanks Evie for the pics and amazing music on our thursdays :)
    I miss ya girl!

    Big hug!

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