069. New @ Dutch Touch

I have to thank VikiRose, a girl I worked with at Pantha’s, for giving me some lindens as a thank you for helping her with her new blog. Without the lindens she gave me I couldn’t have bought this gorgeous outfit from Dutch Touch. Viki was also the one that told me about this store.. another reason to thank her! This top comes from an outfit called ‘ComBiPack Tops/CapriJeans’, it comes in 2 colours, green and brown, and both come with a sculpt that goes around the waist. There’s a third top, which is a plain grey/ green tube top to wear under the vests, but I think it looks good on it’s own. Also in the pack are cute half leg Vintage jeans, but I haven’t included them in the outfit because I wanted to show these jeans that I’ve had for ageeeessss instead! They are from ~Vette’s~, and have been sitting in my inventory for months gathering dust. After I’d decided on the outfit, I realised that I need new shoes (of course), so I went to [ON], don’t know why because there isn’t much there , and I found these cute gold flat shoes called ‘petanko’ so I bought them in the cross camel colour.

You will have seen this hair & hat in a previous blog, it’s the Casket one from Argrace, which I have edited so that it has the same pattern as the green top, doesn’t it look good? Adds a bit extra to the outfit me thinks :)

Anyhoos it’s bedtime now (1am) so enough writing for tonight. Tomorrows blog will be a special one. As some of you might know, Pantha Varriale has decided to close her club, *~*Pantha’s*~* and tomorrow is the last party there. So the blog will be a dedication to her and the club. It will have pictures from the party and I’ll be collecting quotes from everyone at the club about Pantha’s. They can say absolutely anything they like! Anyhoo, night all xx

New @ Dutch Touch

new @ dutch touch2Credits:

Hair- Argrace ‘Casket (Button)- Straight hair- dark brown’ (edited texture)

Top- Dutch Touch ‘ComBiPack Tops/CapriJeans in Green/ Brown/

Tube Top- Dutch Touch ‘ClayGrey’ (Part of outfit above_

Jeans- ~Vette’s~ ‘Beaten_Jeans_ (brown pocket)

Shoes- [ON] ‘petanko cross camel’


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