068. Outfit of the Day

The inevitable has happened… I’ve run out of money! L$7 is all I have until I get paid :( Lucky, I’ve found some great freebies, and some items that cost L$1. Everything in this blog is free apart from the skin, the vest under the tank top and the sunglasses (not sure about the earrings :S). The tank top is from F2H (men’s fashion store) and it’s the July freebie. I didn’t realise it’s transparent until I put it on, the nipples are only slightly visible so it can be worn without anything underneath, but I think it looks best with a vest or bra underneath. The leggings come in a set from {creamshop}, which are the group welcome gift on the subscribe- o- matic thing. There are 12 versions of these leggings in different colours, 9 camo ones in short and long versions, then also two tshirts, a dice necklace and a fruit bowl to wear on your head (?!!). So there are loads of things in it! Definitely worth joining the group to get them, even if you do decide to leave the group after (that’s what I do most of the time!). The shoes are very stylish and sophisticated, fairly good quality but I wouldn’t buy them full price but since they are free I got them anyways!

I got heaps more free & L$1 items today which I will probably blog tomorrow :)

Luv Evie xx

Outfit of the day 2

Outfit of the Day monday


Hair- “*noju* ‘relax hair 001’

Skin- Apple May ‘(AL) v1. 0 Hazel Nut Glimmer’

Tank top- F2H ‘July freebie Spirale tank top’

Shirt- [Calypso Giano] ‘Long top Rock My Life- F’

Pants- {creamshop} ‘Border Leggings Grey Welcome Gift’

Shoes- Clique ‘Freebie Bella Pumps’

Sunglasses- [Armidi Gisaci] ‘Fi Umo Sunglasses black turtoise/ black lens’

Bag- +plus ‘*Black Croco Shoulder Bag’

Bracelet- Bonita ‘Gray & Pearls bracelet 5~ #11’

Earrings- [glow] studio ‘ De Lyn She Earrings’

Ring- JCNY ‘First Romance Wedding Rings’