067. Harajuku Neko

I wanted to know what the official ‘Neko’ looked like, cos there are so many avs in SL that claim to be Neko, so I googled it and loads of pictures came up of Harajuku/ Manga Nekos. They are so cute! I don’t know if you’ve seen them or not, if you haven’t, have a look here. These are the images that influenced the blog. There is one image in particular that influenced the second outfit in the blog(click  here to see it) There is a website called Virtual Neko which is all about Nekos in Second Life, the author Stacia Villota gives an depth look into what Nekos are, how to be one, how to dress etc. It’s a very interesting read, so make sure to have a look at it.

I always thought Nekos were supposed to be half cat/ half human- the typical SL Neko (like my alt Lyliana Sierota looks like most of the time) but apparently not! Anyways, I just love the Harajuku Neko images because they are drawn so well, with adorable faces with huge eyes, big cat ears and long straight tails. The good thing about them is that they can get away with wearing anything, most Nekos in SL go for the grungy dress style, but in fact, the Japanese harajuku style ones dress in anything they like, but usually cute, girl style (according to the google images).

I’d already done a blog a while back about what the majority of SL Nekos look like, so today I decided to do one about what the official Japanese ones are like. The first image shows me dressed in a girly, cute dress, a very Kawaii outfit. In the second I went for a more gothic look, with a dress from Apple May that I’ve had for months and never wear it anymore.

So, let me know what you think about SL Nekos and Harajuku ones :) Hope you like my blog.

Harajuku NekoHarajuku Neko3Harajuku Neko2


Pic 1

Hair- sWEET HAIRs ‘[BaronessV1][colorD03]

Skin- [Rockberry] ‘Megan C Natural’

Dress & Socks- Sister Strawberry ‘The Bunny Hop #173- Spring One Piece’

Shoes- G Field ‘Update Group Welcome Gift ver2’ (tinted red)

Tail- Urban Dare ‘Straight Tail’

Ears- Lucky Monkey ‘Leopard Print Ears- Style2-tallV3’

Outfit 2

Hair- sWEET HAIRs ‘[BaronessV1][colorD03]

Skin- [Rockberry] ‘Megan C Natural’

Dress- Apple May ‘Warrior- Red’

Shoes- G Field ‘Update Group Welcome Gift ver2’

Tail- [Punta] ‘Flexi Neko Tail’

Ears- Lucky Monkey ‘Leopard Print Ears- Style2- tallV3’

Necklace- HoC ‘Dark Rose Necklace’


5 thoughts on “067. Harajuku Neko

  1. Lobbie says:

    OMG i love that apple may dress sis i had to go get it lol luckly i found it on slx ty for a brill blog sis more new clothing for me :)

  2. Evie says:

    lol your welcome. I’ve had that dress for ages and haven’t worn it for ages! It’s soooooooooo short though! lol

  3. Lobbie says:

    well if u wear the “smart skirt it does sit like that when u sit on a pose ball if u wear the normal skirt with it looks longer may be its just me lol

  4. Evie says:

    yeah, the smart skirt is too small for her and i couldnt be bothered to edit it so she’s wearing the normal one (i think) i dont remember lol!

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