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063. Girl Boy or Boy Girl?

Yes I know, weird title, I just couldn’t think of anything to describe this outfit other than tomboy! This is just a quick blog because I can’t be bothered to type loads. I got a cool men’s outfit from SF designs, it’s the June freebie so last chance to get it!! It’s a full outfit but I’m only showing the pants and shoes in this blog, they are what inspired me to be a boy today. I’ve tried to make myself look as much like a boy as possible without having a beard or moustache! Anyways, that’s all I’m writing for now. Have a great day everyone!

Girl Boy!

Boy Girl!


Hair- +*gl*+ ‘NAMONAKI Hair *Choco’

Jacket- [SP] ‘x-green leather jacket’

Shirt- [SP] ‘camo tank’

Pants & Shoes- SF designs ‘olive shorts, green sports shirt and deck shoes’

Socks- Primitive Design ‘Fuckd uP socks’

Bracelet- <Raver Joker> ‘Casual Bracelet’ Freebie

Arm- IrEn ‘Gift- Armbracer’

Cigarette- Primitive Design ‘PD CIGARETTE’

Bag- <Kiss This> ‘Blog Reporters Shoulder Bag’

Men’s poses by [LAP]