059. Ice Cold Watermelon

This blog is based on the really cute skin from Pink Fuel. The original skin for the group gift had to be taken down for some reason, something to do with copyrighting, so Mochi replaced it with this one. It’s called  ‘Watermelon Kiss’, and it’s the eye makeup that I really love. The colours of the cardigan and pants match the makeup too which is great! Everything in this outfit are freebies apart from the hair, which is from sWEET HAir . This hair is amazing, really flexible. I’ll have to do a separate blog for it because you really have to see it in motion :) Both the pants and cardigan are freebie gifts at oyakin (which you can find on the same sim as Pink Fuel). The cardigan comes with two sleeve attachments, and the attachment for the bottom of the cardigan. It has a really cute brooch on it, which is just adorable, though it would be better if it was a prim attachement. The pants comes in a HUGE folder, with long pants (which I’m wearing, though I’ve edited it a little to make them shorter), half length pants, socks/ tights (in gray and ivory) and 6 cami tops in different colours. Definitely worth buying for L$0! LOL. (The snowflakes on the trousers aren’t on the trousers, they are particles that come off the bag). The bag was a bunny hop gift from Cutie Honey and is really cute, proper Kawaii! Hope you like :)

Ice Cold Watermelon close up

Ice Cold WatermelonCredits:

Hair- sWEET HAir ‘[BaronessV1][ colorD03]

Skin- [PF] ‘Raine Skin- Watermelon Kiss’

Cardigan- oyakin* ‘Thibedeau Shop gift’

Pants- oyakin** ‘ Gift’

Shoes- {cherry} ‘The Alice Cullen Flats- light pink’

Bag- Cutie Honey ‘icebarbag’