058. School Girl

Don’t you just love the Second Life Japanese clothing and hair designers? Personally I think they are the best designers in SL. I’ve started an obsession now with going to Japanese sims like Harajukubox City and stores like Kurotsubaki, =TEKUTEKU= and = Hal*Hina=. I think that the reason why I’ve started noticing Japanese stores and av’s more is because I’m the promoter for a Japanese club called Cafe Andromeda. Really that would be the obvious reason! Lol. I discovered the <Raver Joker> store when I went down to +*susie*+ ( another Japanese store). I bought a skirt at +*susie*+ which I’ll blog another time. I saw this school uniform ar Raver Joker and had to buy it. It comes with 6 different tie options, several skirts and shirts/jackets, plus legwarmers and it only cost L$200! The card in my mouth has the logo of the school that the uniform is based on. The card is a freebie at the store.

The band aid is from [DIAPOP], and since the store is owned by Soma Mayo’s wife, I’ve offered to blog her items too :) (YAY more freebies!) lol. Anyways, hope you like this outfit :) Until next time, bye bye!

Schoolgirl close up


Hair- Kurotsubaki ‘Hair-heart-7-brown’

Uniform (Skirt, tie, sweater & leg warmers)- <Raver Joker> ‘School Uniform’

Shoes- [JP]:dsg- ‘Uniques >>Chelsea Multicolor<<

Bandaid- [DIAPOP] ‘band_fleur’

Mouth- <Raver Joker> ‘Raver High School- school insignia’ (Freebie)