056. miel

Sorry for the lack of blog the last couple of days, yesterday I was busy writing a club review for secondclubs.com (we write reviews about clubs and rate them) and been spending time with my rl man. I’m back though!! I sort of hopped from shop to shop today. I got a note card from Tyranny via the update group informing me of the new items there, so I got myself dressed in something decent cos I was looking in a bit of a state, and went down to the store. The new stuff are really nice but nothing caught my eye. I was stuck on where to go so I went over to some random places that I had landmarks for but I wasn’t impressed. Then I saw the landmark for Love Soul, and I remembered that the Junwave store is there so I went to have a look. I found this fab hair there, I have to admit that the quality of the hair does look a bit noobish (that’s what my partner says anyway) but I love the style. It was a toss up as to whether I should buy the long hair version or the short style, I opted for the longer one. I then somehow ended up at a shopping place where the miel store is. I’d seen some of her outfits in other people’s blogs but hadn’t been to the store before. I saw this dress, which I think is great, although I’m not sure about the fabric :S Anyhow, I bought it in green and beige cos it matches the hat that came with the new hair.



Where I got everything:

Hair- [JUNWAVE] ‘Hemp Cap Hair * A-long* Brown pack’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan A Natural’

Dress- miel ‘HI BAR TANK- Kelp’

Tie- miel ‘Re tie’ (Fathers Day group gift)

Shoes- Redgrave ‘Girls Bike Boots- Caramel’

Bracelet- (Unknown) ‘Soft Green + Tan Leaf Shine’

Poses- Mela, Virus


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