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055. Trash Crate Tomboy

I’m a massive fan of Uma’s blog, she has great style and finds the most awesome-est things ever. Like these skates I’m wearing from [BUKKA] . She only blogged them today but as soon as I saw them I had to go to the store. Something clicked in my head saying these would looks amazing with my tomboy outfit. Which they do! I found the shorts (with thanks to Uma, yet again) at the Lintu Star sim, in a store called +KiiToS!!+. The pants are one of the opening gifts, and these come in male and female styles. Uma is wearing the female ones in her blog but I prefer the mens style, the length and colour mostly. The shirt is from [Somapop], I’m not sure if it’s released yet, Soma sent it to me- thank you Soma!! There is also a black and white version of the shirt too but I prefer this one. I’d bought the backpack from [Merciless] because I saw someone in a club wearing it, and I never actually wore it. It’s such a cute backpack, well its more of a crate tied around her body with rope with a random teddy thrown in, but hey ho it still looks awesome!

Trash Crate Tomboy

Trash Crate Tomboy3Credits:

Hair- [rQ] ‘Crush~Cherry’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan Natural FRX’ (Bunny Hop)

Shirt- [Somapop] ‘ Plaid Worker Shirt Green’

Pants- +KiiToS!!+ ‘Madras Check Pants for men *russet*

Skates- [BUKKA] ‘RollerSkate’

Backpack- [Merciless] ‘Trash Crate Backpack MM’

Armwarmers- (Forgot name lol oops) ‘Bloody Barbwire Arm Warmers’

Belt- (VC) ‘Lick Itself Buckle Downbelt’

Tattoos- Attitude ‘Slinked’

ipod- [BUKKA] ‘iPod Touch’ (WOOT I won it on the lucky chair!! YAY)