054. New @ [Somapop]

I’ve got two blogs worth of stuff to show you today, the first ones are the sneakers from [Somapop] which have been in the store for a week or so now. I blogged the brown ones a while back in one of the group posts but they weren’t clearly visible. Soma had only given me the brown-x- retro ones (bottom left in Polaroid pic) but I’d seen on his blog that he’d made a few others so I asked him if I could have them, and here they are! They are great quality and have a resize script so they dont come with a shoe base. They are comfy (I would imagine lol) and look great. (I didn’t resize these ones, I couldn’t be bothered, that’s why they look a bit too big)

Somapop sneakers


1st-  [SP] ‘b/ white- X retro sneakers’

2nd- [SP] ‘ D-brown- X retro sneakers’

3rd- [SP] ‘brown- X retro’

4th- [SP] ‘RB- X retro’

Today, Soma sent me a box with some of his latest creations, some of them are in the store now or will be available soon. In the box were several awesome jeans (which can be seen below) and some great shirts which I will blog another time. Most of Soma’s jeans in the store have doodles, coloured patterns and images, so it’s cool to see more colours but in a different style. Here you can see he’s mainly used coloured patches of material stitched onto the denim. I especially love the button detail on the waist bands, and the choice of colours, pink and lime green work well together. Don’t they look great?! (Prepare to be spammed with pics lol)

Girls Jeans Rolled Up

Chihiro Girls JeansQuilted Girls JeansPic 1- girlsjeans rolled up

Pic 2- Chihiro girlsjeans

Pic 3- quilted girls jeans

Shoes- J’s Mainstore ‘Real Toe Tassele Wedge Sole Sandals’


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