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042. Checkers & Stripes

It’s great being buddies with a sl fashion designer. Soma from [Somapop] is providing me with his latest creations if I blog them! The latest things he’s sent me are these grunge stripy sweaters which I adore! I think they are fabulous 🙂

Checkers & Stripes

Checkers & Stripes close up 1

Stripes & Checkers close up 2

Where I got everything:

Hair- Detour ‘Toquinha (I think! lol)

Skin- [Curio] ‘Lumine- Sweet’


1- [Somapop] ‘Grunge Sweater BB’,

2- [Somapop] ‘Grunge Sweater GB’,

3- [Somapop] ‘Grunge Sweater RB’,

4- [Somapop] ‘Grunge Sweater CO’,

Pants- **[RIDDLE]** ‘Plaid Short Set Brown’ (Part of an outfit)

Boots- [ON] ‘Wo Boots Gomi’ (My fave boots EVER!!)