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039. Freebies!!

I’ve been looking through the Fab Free blog today for good stuff and I found this awesome Military shirt in one of blogs posted on May 11th. It’s a green military shirt with the top and bottom of the shirt un- buttoned. It was originally made for men, but I think it’s a lot sexier on women!! It’s seductive and sexy, whereas on a man I think it would make him look a bit gay (no offence to any men that own it, or any gay men! lol) Anyways, it’s from F2H it’s the month of May’s freebie (so go get it before the end of May!) The hair was given to me from a friend and I think it’s from Detour. The other freebies in this blog are the bracelets from YourShape and Dollita, the belt from *COCO* and the skin from [RockBerry] . I LOVE freebies, especially when I’ve spent all my money. I join loads of groups, grab the group gifts then leave the groups! lol. There is actually some awesome freebies around sl :) I’m currently lurking around the freebie chairs at [RockBerry]!! lol


Where I got everything:

Hair- Detour ‘De Toquinha’ (I think)

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan FRX’

Shirt- F2H ‘The Military Shirt- Mens May freebie

Pants- Zaara ‘Jeans {classic} *blue*

Boots- [ON] ‘Wo Boots Gomi’

Earrings- [glow] Studio ‘De Lyn Fatale earrings’

Bracelet (on right) YourShape ‘Wooden Bracelet’

Bracelet (on left) Dollita ‘Woody Bangle’

Belt- *COCO* ‘gift- belt’ (Group Gift)