038. Zaara

I absolutely love the clothes at Zaara, especially the jeans. They had the attachments at the bottom for the flare and it looks amazing. If my av could feel clothes she’s say it’s very comfy! lol. I already had the moss ones but decided I’d like the pale jeans too. I spent the last of my money on them, I was tempted to transfer lindens but knew I couldn’t afford it in rl :( So next week I’ll have to work hard to get tips! I bought this cute top at Twosome and I love it, it has cute button detail on the collar. I teamed it with my Mishima shoes from Maitreya.


Hair- Maitreya ‘Piper 11 Chocolate’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan FRX’

Rings (worn on left)- JCNY ‘First Romance Wedding Rings’

Rings- (worn on right)- Kingsgate ‘3 Diamond Engagement Ring’

Earrings- *YourShape* ‘Emerald Earrings

Tops- Twosome ‘ Plastronetree’

Jeans- Zaara ‘Jeans {classic} *blue*

Shoes- Maitreya ‘Mishima Dawn- Ruff Leather Tan’