036. Khaki & Brown

Sorry not a very exciting blog title I’m afraid, my mind is pretty blank tonight. OK so most of this outfit is new stuff I bought today apart from the [RockBerry] skin, the vest from The Closet and the belt from ((fine)). I got the pants from a store called Twosome at Fantasma and I love them. The two bracelets are from YourShape and both freebies! WOOT! (I love freebies) I based the colour scheme for this outfit on the pants and vest, hence why the title is Khaki and Brown! Duh! lol. Anyways, I decided that since I’d bought new stuff I might as well buy new hair too, so first I went to Mystikal but they didn’t have anything I wanted, so I moved on to BishWear but they had nothing decent either (BishWear has mostly afro style curly hair which looked ridiculous on me) so then I went to *0 Style and found this hair called *Prissy* and I adore it. It’s like my hair in rl but shorter! lol. After I got home I realised I had no shoes to go with it, so I tp’d over to ~*Perfil*~ and found these cute brown sandals, which have loads of straps on the front, and lacing on the back. Anyways that’s me done for this blog.

Khaki & Brown

Khaki & Brown accessories

Where I got everything:

Hair- *0 Style ‘*Prissy* Yummy- Strawberry Chocolate’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan FRX’

Top- The Closet ‘Simple Tank Top KHA’

Pants- *TS* ‘Autumn Shorts Brown’

Shoes- ~*Perfil*~ ‘Sandals Retro X-Model’

Belt- ((fine)) ‘Chain belt (azuki)’ (Bunny Hop)

Earrings- ‘ [glow] Studio ‘DeLyn- Fatale Earrings’

Bracelet (left arm)- YourShape ‘Wooden Bracelet’ (Freebie)

Bracelet (right arm) YourShape ‘Freebie Bracelet Couple’ (Freebie obv)