035. Hanging out with friends

I’m not really in a writing mood tonight cos it’s late and I wanna go to bed!! Me and my mates were bored today so we decided to dress in random stuff and pose for photos for my blog. The pictures are taken in my house which I love because it’s so colourful and has so many random colours. I enjoyed doing this blog, it was fun :)

Anyways I’m off to bed after I’ve finished this, so hope you like the pics and goodnight!

Hanging out- Group shotHanging out

Hanging out- Full body shots

Eira wears:

Hair- ::XS:: ‘Hakuei Hair- Prugna’

Skin- (Milk motion) ‘NINON Skin *basic*’

Shirt- ~momo~ ‘Bunny Mini Dress Sea’

Jacket- [LK] ‘Cropped Cardigan- Strawberry’

Skirt- [LK] ‘Cupcake Mini- Blueberry’

Shoes- *Kookie* ‘Kat platforms- purple’

Necklace- (Milk Motion) ‘My Huge Necklace- Pink’

Bracelet- {CS} ‘Glam Bangle- Mint’

Hat- [E] ‘Funny Valentine Top Hat’ (Freebie)

Lyli wears:

Hair- Action ‘Amy- Charcoal’

Skin- Ars*Nova ‘Lauryn’

Shirt- Crash Couture ‘Pony’

Skirt- Apple May ‘Dirty’

Necklace- {Violet Voltaire} ‘Lollipop Guild Necklace- Rainbow’

Ears- Fifferling ‘*BF* tuete Stars Ears’

Tail- Fifferling ‘*BF* Tuete Puschel Stars

Toy- .:-CatniP-:. ‘Plushy Unicorn’ (Freebie)

Evie wears:

Hair- ::69:: ‘Pine- Platinum’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan FRX’

Shirt- [SP] ‘Pink Tank’

Jacket- &Bean ‘Maps \o/’

Pants- In*Style ‘Short Jeans Purple’

Shoes- *[DIAPOP]* ‘Kitsch’ily Ruby Pumps’

Fruiti wears:

Hair- *Argrace* ‘Hunting- Velvet Bob Platinum’

Skin- Soul ‘African M7’

Shirt- TavWear ‘Gift Box- Pirate Bikini’

Jacket- .:A&M:. ‘Punk Baby outfit- Black Leather Jacket’

Pants- [MH88] ‘The Outlaw Trackpants’

Shoes- [JP] ‘Delicious Kitty- pawboots’

Tattoos- >>>moloko<<< ‘Box Stars & Swallows tattoo’

Belt- Primitive Design ‘Skull belt’

Loli= TorTec & Mixed Nuts ‘Yummy Star loli box’


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