033. As The World Falls Down

I’m finally doing this blog!! It’s been driving me nuts for the last two days, and my partner is fed up with me because I’ve been cursing all day trying to get it done!!

I got a notice via the .:-CatniP-:. group the other day with a notecard attached about updates at the store. Inside the notecard it said that the owners have re-created the ballroom from The Labyrinth film, where Sarah appears in her dream. (If you haven’t seen the film you must, it’s amazing). I teleported over to the ballroom and I was blown away by the beauty of the place. It’s situated in the sky and it;’s created inside a glass ball. I could just imagine it packed with men and women dressed in elaborate gowns and tuxes disguised by masks. It was magnificent. This inspired me to create and outfit like the one Sarah wears in the ballroom scene. She wears an elegant, beaded dress with stunning  jewels in her hair. I went to so many stores trying to find a dress like the one she wore, but none had sleeves remotely the same as the ones on Sarah’s dress. See the dress here

I finally found a beautiful white bridal dress at !Rebel Hope Designs. Which isn’t the same as the one in the pic but hey, who cares! It’s similar in that it has beading, but not much else. After finding the dress I had a nightmare trying to find a hairpiece like the one in the picture. It was a complete nightmare until a friend offered to try and make one for me!! (YAY) Thank you Ann! It works so well with the dress and I adore it. She’s now decided she wants to try and make the dress and watch the film. :) I have four pictures, the first two were taken at !Delirium- As The World Falls Down, the third and four taken at home. I’ve altered the environment settings in the first two to create a more magical atmosphere but it’s changed the colour of the dress to pink, so I’ve included a picture with the dress in it’s original colour :) There is also a picture of the headpiece that Anntionette Francis created for me.

Hope you think it’s as stunning as I do! Luv Evie x

As the World Falls Down

As The World Falls Down 2

As The World Falls Down Head PieceAs The World Falls Down 3Where I got everything:

Eyes- (=CF=) ‘Dollarbie Eye Collection- Hazel Eyes ’08’

Hair- ::69:: ‘Still’ Dark Olive’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan Natural’

Dress & Jewellery- !Rebel Hope Designs ‘Chalise Flex Bridal Gown II’

Hairpiece- Custom Made be Anntionette Francis.