031. Alternative Lovers


Today is another blog that’s more about fun than fashion. This is myself and my husband Petro. Isn’t he just gorgeous?! ;-) He’s my best friend, soul mate and lover in not just sl but also in rl too. Don’t we make a lovely couple? Hehe. These are my ‘alternative’ lover’s pictures, I may do more ‘romantic’ ones in the future, but this time I wanted to do something different. I’m really loving the white hair with the grey skin from [RockBerry], and her eyes look very dramatic because of the eyelashes she is wearing and the makeup on the skin. Petro is dressed like he always does, with loads of attachments. He loves his baggy pants and big, stompy boots which I make him take off before he comes in the house :P lol. Anyways hope you like this blog!!

Petro & Evie sitting

Petro & Evie

Petro wears:

Hair- 0 Style ‘Yuuya (Raven)

Skin- <The Abyss> ‘Scorpio_Osiris 3[B]

Shape- Body Doubles ‘ Brad Pitt shape (modified)

Tattoos- *Indigo Ink* ‘Celtic Tribe Smooth’

Eyes- [ENDEAVOR] ‘Prim Eyes (miyuyu large) & Shine’

Top- [Renegade] ‘CCCP Tank’

Pants- Primitive Design ‘Fightclub Punk pants’

Boots- *HB* ‘Cuban Revolution Heavy Boots’

Belt- (Unknown) ’30 Lives’

Arms- Dark Desire ‘Leather Coat Set- Arm belts’

Ring- *NT* ‘Love or Hate me’ (Male ring)

Evie wears:

Hair- KIN ‘Kin-Jami-White’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Character’

Shape- Savoir Faire Shapes ‘Chloe’

Tattoos- Attitude ‘*Slinked*’

Eyes- *sakurako* ‘Sky Eye & shine’

Top- [SP] ‘gurlpower tank’

Pants- *Clover* ‘Cut off Daisy Dukes’ (Lucky chair prize)

Boots- [ON] ‘Wo Boots Gomi’

Socks- Primitive Design ‘fuckd uP Socks’

Underpants- *Vextra Messing* ‘BikiniD Retro Hot Pants’ (Freebie)

Necklace- [SP] ‘Lock necklace’

On my thigh- <<FINE>> ‘Thigh Belt’

On my arms- .:-CatniP-:. ‘Ally Cat Bracers’

On my upper arm- *NT* ‘MEOW!!!_ Catfish Wristlet’

Headphones- EKO ‘Nomad Hp V.I

Belt- [ATOMIC] ‘Music Belt’