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027. Dinner Time!!


OMG you so wouldn’t want to eat at this canteen! Especially not when the dinner lady is a sinister woman with blood on her apron, blood stained bandages on her wrists and a joint in her mouth (random) lol.

Fuck knows why I decided to do a blog like this, I think it’s more for fun than actually blogging clothes!! The apron from .:-CatniP-:.  is awesome, it comes with the bowl, spoon, rubber gloves, a hud that makes her snarl and the spoon has an animation that makes her mix the gooey stuff in the bowl. It’s so cool! I did consider having bits of meat hanging on the wall but decided that that’s just too gross. I’ve added a few extra splatters of blood just for effect (on the spatula, in her pocket, on the bowl, and on her rubber gloves plus on the floor in the first pic). I took the first picture at a place called Missing Mile (RP sim but such a cool- it’s where my alt got married!!) lol. This pic was taking in Mooby‘s cafe (featured in the Kevin Smith films- Clerks, Jay & Silent Bob, Dogma etc) I was tempted to dress her in the Mooby’s outfit but changed my mind lol) Loch (owner of Missing Mile) has also made the grocery store & video store from the films too which is so cool and there’s an av size pic of Jay & Silent Bob standing outside with their ghettoblaster (if you haven’t seen the films you HAVE to see them, they are hilarious! )

Anyways here’s the sinister cook outfit!



Where I got everything:


Apron/ Bowl/ Spoon/ Snarl HUD- .:-CatniP-:. ‘Your Mom’

Shoes- *pretties by JB* ‘Special Edition Delicate Metal Slippers ‘Riva- Brilliance’ (Bunny Hop)

Shirt- :::B@R::: ‘Damaged Shirt Blood Cross’

Shorts- *Clover* ‘Cut off daisy dukes’ (Lucky Chair prize)


Hair- +Black maria+ ‘Maguma Black’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Character’

Eyes- *sakurak* ‘Sky eye’ & eye shine

Joint (worn on mouth)- Feelgood ‘Feelgood Realistic Joint’

Stiches- (worn on nose) *No Mercy* ‘Stiches’

Bandages-  BOHO ‘Bloody wrist bandage’

Plaster- EMO ‘Undershirt plaster’

Pics taken at Missing Mile