024. Kawaii- Cuteness in Japanese

I always wondered what exactly Kawaii meant until I googled it. Apparently it’s the Japanese word for Cuteness. It’s a cute word in itself don’t ya think? I love the word, it’s probably one of my fave words I think. Anyways I found this website when I googled Kawaii http://www.allthingskawaii.net/links/ It’s got links to really cute and cool websites. Have a look (after you’ve read my blog of course :P ) Lol.

This word- kawaii- inspired me to make an outfit that (I hope)could be described as kawaii. So basically I raided my invent for all my cute, colourful, weird clothes and accessories, and here’s what I found. Some of the items are from the Bunny Hop hunt (of course) and some I’ve had for ages. I absolutely love the item from El’n, the ‘Poring for your head’, isn’t it just so adorable!! I’m sorry but I really had to do a separate pic for the accessories because they are so cute and all from the Bunny Hop hunt. Prepare to be picture spammed! Hehe.




Where I got all this adorable stuff from:

Hair- Magika ‘Button’

Skin- [Rockberry] ‘Megan’ (Bunny Hop)

Dress- ~momo~ ‘Rayos dress’

Hoodie- *Zanzo* ‘Radio Kyoot Belted Hoodie’

Shoes- *Leafy ‘PastelBluu’ (Bunny Hop)

Leg warmers- Otaku designs ‘Primavera’ (Bunny Hop)

Head- *El’n ‘Poring on your head’

Necklace- !Shampoo ‘FlourNecklace’ (Bunny Hop)

Earrings- Adora Shapes & Skins ‘Pink Flower’ (Bunny Hop)

Wings-    YadNi Junkyard ‘Rainbow’ (Freebie)

On mouth- Fishy ‘Hop on me soap)

Bag- Cutie Honey ‘Icebarbag’ (Bunny Hop)

Bracelets- *VenDetta* ‘All Colours Punk Bracelets- pink’


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