022. Bessie Mates

Hey everyone! I’m back! Did ya miss me?! LOL. So I’ve kind of got everything sorted. I got a new computer, it’s a pc and I have no idea how to use it cos I’ve always had a mac. Anyways turns out Photoshop wont work on it (don’t know why) but my partner is gonna try and sort it. In the meantime I’m using his computer :) So ya gonna get more blogs from me! 

Ok the last blog I was planning on doing was a Bunny Hop one, I started it but ‘ when my computer fucked up so I had to stop :( So I’ve done this blog, which features some Bunny Hop items, such as the Easter Posing  Scene from *Leafy which I think is awesome. Evie is wearing bunny hop items but the other girls aren’t because they didn’t do the hunt! Lol. 

This time I decided to do a blog featuring my friends Lyliana, Eira and Roxie. Lyli is a full time Neko- dresses like a Neko (kind of) , acts like a Cat and breeds like a Cat (three baby Neko’s already & three more on the way!!). She loves funky accesories- belts with random things hanging off it, crazy tats, and LOTS of arm cuffs!! Eira is totally obsessed with The Closet clothes, her whole outfit in the blog is from there! Roxie is new-ish so doesn’t have much in her invent yet. Evie is dressed in some of her Bunny Hop clothes and looks totally awesome!! :D

Here are the pics, I’ve a few for you to look at. (It’s a big blog!!) 

Luv Evie xoxo





Pic 3 Left to Right

Evie wears:

Hair- =Hal*Hina= ‘Priscilla- almond’ (Bunny Hop)

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan- dark tan’ (Bunny Hop)

Shape- SavoirFaireShapes  ‘Chloe’  (Bunny Hop)

Top- Squishyface ‘Tank *bunny love*- Rainbow’  (Bunny Hop)

Pants- *GiGi Couture* ‘Denim Skirt shorts’

Socks- [JM] ‘KoKo socks pink’  (Bunny Hop)

Boots- Tigerclaw ‘Ugg Boots’

On waist- Mercury Saphire Mall ‘gPod SLX2’

On Leg- .:CatniP:. ‘Cavity Holster’


Roxie wears:

Hair- Argrace ‘Beanie- Red’

Skin- Milk Motion ‘Marla pale Basic’

Shape- Body Doubles ‘Christina Ricci’

Top- [Diapop] ‘Heart-to-heart’

Pants- ~Vette’s Boutique~ ‘JIEE’

Shoes- JB ‘Pretties Riva- Charcoal Denim’


Lyli wears:

Hair- [MEEBEE] ‘Leoni- Black purple leopard stripes’

Skin- Ars*Nova ‘lauryn Skin’ (Not available anymore)

Top- [Diapop] ‘Freak’

Pants- .:A&M:. ‘B n S Outfit’

Shoes- .:A&M:. ‘ Black AD sneaker’

Tats- [Inks & Kinks] ‘Cat Trax’

Belt- .:CatniP:. ‘Hoggle Belt’

Arm Cuffs- *Dirty lynx* ‘Tanku Skull Cuffs’

On shoulder- .:CatniP:. ‘Ello!’ (Character from The Labyrinth film)

Upper Arm- Mixed Nuts ‘School Time Arm Belt’

Neko ears- .:Black Heart:. ‘Shadow lynx Ears’

Neko tail- [PUNTA] ‘Flexi Neko Tail’

Necklace- Purple Rose ‘Lyliana Double chain’ (Personalised gift from a friend)


Eira wears:

Hair- =TEKUTEKU= ‘Pony- Black’

Skin- Milk Motion ‘Ninon basic’

Shape- Soul ‘Asian A2’

Dress- The Closet ‘Never Mind Tee in Purple’

Tights- The Closet ‘ Plain Tights Blue’

Shoes- ‘The Closet ‘Big Flower Pump’

Bracelets- !MPS! ‘Bracelets Pop teen Huge’





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