020. Pushed and Shoved

Hello all!

I got this new shape and skin in the bunny hop and OMG I love it so much. I was having a look through my hair folder and couldn’t really decide on hair that I liked with the skin so I decided to go shopping. I found the landmark for (VW) in search when I was looking for places that sold hair and tp’d there to check out the hairs. I knew the name of the store sounded familiar but couldn’t remember where from. Then I saw this style ‘Pushed and Shoved’ which reminded me that I’d seen it in Uma’s blog a while ago. I tried on several different styles there but none of the others looked right on her, so I tried this one and I adore it. i think blonde really suits this skin because it’s fairly pale. After I got the hair I was planning to do an elegant dress blog but changed my mind when I found this Vette’s jacket in my inventory. I apologise, I am getting distracted by the tv so I loose track on what I want to say! So just check out the pictures! Lol

Love Evie xox0



pushed-and-shoved-2Where I got everything-

Hair- (VW) ‘Pushed and Shoved’ 

Eyes- Armidi Body ‘True Enhance Mocha’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan Dark tan FRX’ (Bunny Hop)

Shape- Savoir Faire Shapes ‘Chloe’ (Bunny Hop)

Earrings- Miriel ‘Bounded Elegance Silver’

Jacket- Vette’s Boutique ‘Audrey Outfit’

Trousers- Last call ‘Damara’

Shoes- Last Call ‘Vamp Atethea’

Poses- KS creations