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014. Music

Yesterday I was told by Jenny (the owner of the Atrium) that the club will be closing. The credit crunch has affected her in rl and she can no longer afford to keep the club running. The official closing date is April 13th because that’s when the tier is paid up till. The club is awesome but it has been suffering from lack of visitors and no profiting from the vendors below the club. Jenny is really upset about it and she feels she has let us down. I told her it isn’t her fault and that I think most of sl is suffering too. A friend has had to close her rental business because she isn’t making enough money from it. My hubby and I can’t afford our home which we are currently paying L$580 a week. My sis Lici (who made those skins in the last blog) has offered us part of her island to live on and we’ll be paying L$500 a fortnight. We just want somewhere to call home and to rezz when we log on. 

I saw someone wearing this belt and instantly fell in love with it. Its got headphones and drumsticks attached to it, and the buckle is a cassette tape. 

The shoes are ultra high so they make my legs look ultra long and skinny and they fit perfectly. The pinstripes help with that too.


Where I got everything:

Hair- Argrace ‘Casket (button)

Skin- Apply May ‘Hazel Nut Glimmer’

Jacket- Last call ‘Damara’ (no longer available)

Top- Lucky 13 ‘ Hello Kitty tank top- Red’

Pants- Vette’s Boutique ‘Audrey’

Shoes- Lya ‘Sakura (Red)

Belt- [Atomic] ‘Music Belt- clack’

Bracelets- Dirty Lynx ‘Hankan Punk’

Tie- [Calypso Giano] Tie ‘Love is a Gamble’ (changable design)