013. Yeehaw!!!


I was watching Paul O Grady yesterday on the telly and for some strange reason (I don’t know why) they were having a western cowboy themed show! Wierd. Anyways this gave me inspiration to do a cowgirl blog. I already had the denim shorts in my invent from ages ago, and the shirt I’ve had for a couple of days. I went on a mission yesterday to find a cowgirl hat and some boots. I’m loving the boots which I got from Hoorenbeek. I had to get white to match the hat :) Your probably bored of the hair now I’ve used it so much, but it’s the only one that looks ok with the hat! I couldn’t be bothered to buy new hair! I seriously need to get new hair though. I’ve got loads from Gurl6 which I got before I discovered Magika and Argrace! I don’t mean to dis the hair from there, but the Argrace hair are so much better. I just wish they would release more hair without hats! Lol. Anyways going on a tangent again. Here’s the outfit, hope you like! 


yeehawWhere I got everything

Hat- Rexware ‘White Cattlemans with silver band’

Hair- TekuTkeu ‘Anne’ in brown, ‘Wing’ in brown

Scarf- Vette’s boutique ‘Shemagh Scarf’ in black

Shirt- Vette’s boutique ‘Plaid Shirt’ in red

Pants- Barerose ‘Maia’

Boots- Hoorenbeek ‘Woman Cowgirl boots’ White