010. Spring Collection

I’ve been using the new spring collection of clothes at the store I work at in real life as inspiration for my blog. The last entry was all about the 80’s, since it’s one of the seasons trends this year. This is the second installment. We have gypsy tops, cotton vests, denim skirts, pretty floral dresses. Take a look here, the store is called Peacocks. The weather is getting warmer now in the UK which is awesome because it’s been so cold and snowing. It’s not quite warm enough for these clothes yet unfortunately, but might as well stock up :P Especially since I get discount! lol. 

Anyways I’d going off on a tangent, back to blog!! :) Here are my pictures, hope ya like them!! I found this beautiful summer dress with floral pattern and beading around the waist and chest. I love the floaty skirt and it has a resize script inside it so there’s no need to edit it which makes it so much easier to make it bigger/ smaller. The dress comes in 4 other colours (I think) and includes gloves and stockings.

I went to Apple May  yesterday and saw on the sign post it had a tp to a skins section. The skins are absolutely gorgeous, they cost L$883 each but they also come in packs of 3. I’m wearing two in these pictures :) The shoes I’ve had for at least a year and I still love them. They are cute white wedge sandals- wedges are also big this season apparently! 

Luv Evie x





Where I got everything:

Hair- Argrace ‘Journey’

Eyes- Armidi body ‘True Enhance- mocha’

Eyelashes- Apple May ‘Apple set 5’

Earrings- Unknown (I forget) ‘Silver & diamond dangle’

Shape- Body Doubles ‘Kate Beckinsdale’ (my own face)

Skin- Apple May ‘V1 0 Hazel Nut. Pic 1:  Aphrodite, Pic 2: Aphrodite/ Glimmer

Dress- Style Starts Here ‘ Casual Scarf Dress- Papya’

Shoes- *~AM Designs~* CGF Serendipity Silver & Pearl White’