008. Honey Honey

I was doing the blog surf yesterday and came across a friends blog called Khitten Kurka (Kiss Kiss With Khitten Kurka) and she had mentioned a store called Honey Honey in one of her fashion posts. I followed the slurl and went to have a look. OMG the clothes are so nice and so cheap! I bought the same top in 3 colours for L$20 EACH!! lol. I got some matching pants too (in the 3 colours) because they are so nice :) I also went and bought a Neko outfit from  the Xplosion store at Fifferling. Here’s the result:





Where I got everything:

Hair- Argrace ‘Graceful’ (I love this hair)

Skin- Amalie ‘Skin 6’

Sunglasses- Armidi Gisaci ‘ Fi Umo’ Brown/ Tourtoise & gold lens

Scalf- The Closet ‘Chiffon Stole’ in desert colour

Top- Honey Honey ‘Tops(1)’ in green

Jacket- Xplosion ‘CrossRoadnormal Red’

Pants- Honey Honey  ‘Pants Sabrina’ in beige

Shoes- Redgrave ‘Biker’ in caramel (I love these too) 


I quickly need to thank Uma for advising me to take high res pictures and to  Torley Linden for explaining how to do it! Thanks guys! It made my comp go mega slow but it was worth it! :D Anyhoo it’s dinner time then I have to go inworld to Atrium cos we’ve got a new host- Soapiegirl doing her trial shift at 12pm slt. I’ll do another blog tomorrow! or maybe later today.. who knows :P 

Luv Evie