001. This is me

So I’ve been in Second Life since November 2007 and I have learn a hell of a lot, some good, and some bad. Mostly good tho :) Ive worked in clubs for most of my time in SL, starting as a dancer at the Party Pyramid for a few months until it changed location and building. I left there and started at the Atrium (where I work now) first as a hostess, then promoted to a head hostess :) I worked there for god knows how long until it closed due to the owners personal problems. I started working part time at Roaddoggs Retro Club (the owners of Roaddoggs were also owners of Party Pyramid), but when Atrium closed I work at Roaddoggs full time as manager. I left Roaddoggs as it wasn’t doing well no matter how much I tried. Soon after I left it closed down. I then moved to The Fix Nightclub (bloody hell this is taking forever!!) and started as manager, the owners made hardly any effort to make the club a success even though it was a stunning building.

I left there because I wanted to have a break from working for a while, and I was also engaged to my now husband Petro. We got married and we decided to have a baby. We named her Connie, after Petro’s real life mother.

I recieved an invitation a month or so ago to the Grand Re-opening of The Atrium Club. It was the best news I’d ever had (excluding getting married & being preggers) and jumped at the chance of being a hostess again. Jenny (the owner) offered me the manager position as I was the only member of staff that had worked at The Atrium from the start. I am now doing everything in my power to make the club bigger and better than before :D

As for friends, I’ve met some of the most fantastic people from all over the world. I met Destiny on my first day and she became a good friend of mine, but since then we drifted apart. I met Karenz, Ion and Jewel back in early 2008 but now they are hardly ever online which is sad cos they were really good friends of mine. RL took over :( I now have my SL family- Tommi (best d ‘n’ b dj in sl), Lici, Lobbie, Fruiti, Scorpius, Petro of course (SL hubby & RL partner).

Petro & I met through sl too, we met rl in august 2008, and I moved in with him on January 17th 2009. Best thing that ever happened to me!!

Thats all for now, can’t think of anything else! lol

Love to all,

Evie x